Construction Induction Card (White Card)

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Construction Induction Card (White Card)

A construction induction card or white card is a plastic card used to indicate that an individual in Australia has undergone the “general induction training” required to work in the construction field.

What Is A White Card?

A white card is essentially a “National Code of Conduct” that specifies that the individual carrying it knows how to conduct himself or herself while on a construction site.

A white card is issued by Registered Training Organisations throughout Australia. Only individuals who complete a White Card Course can receive it. It is beneficial because prior to the white card, “Code of Conduct” was specified with state- and territory-specific blue, green and red cards.

A construction induction card is therefore a national tool that can be used across borders. It is defined by the unit of competency known as CPCCOHS1001A. This unit was developed to meet the stringent requirements set forth by the National Code of Practice for Induction for Construction Work.

While a white card can be used across borders, do realize that each state and territory has its own course. However, all courses revolve around the CPCCOHS1001A unit of competency.

Who Needs A White Card?

A white card is required for all individuals who work in any construction site or zone in Australia. More specific requirements are listed below:

  • Individuals who have managerial control over construction contractors, managers, supervisors, employees and plans/projects must possess a white card.
  • Individuals who perform the construction duties of labourers, apprentices and trainees must possess a white card.
  • Individuals who plan to take over managerial control from someone else must first obtain a white card to do as such.

How Does One Obtain A White Card?

Obtaining a white card requires first completing training through a Registered Training Organisation. You can review such organizations through the website for the Vocational Education and Training.

The training for obtaining a white card contains four key sections.

Section 1: The first section deals with the identification of those occupational health and safety requirements related to working in construction. It also deals with safe work practices.

Section 2: This section identifies key construction hazards and their associated control measures. It also deals with on-the-job risk management.

Section 3: This section deals with the occupational health and safety processes involved with on-the-job communication and job reporting. It also deals with relevant safety signs and symbols.

Section 4: This section deals with the occupational healthy and safety procedures pertaining to incident responses. It also deals with what personal protective equipment must be used on the job.

Frequently asked Questions

How much does training for a construction induction card cost?

Getting training through a Registered Training Organisation can cost up to about $150. There are also certain online programs that purport to offer the same training for prices between $60 and $90. Safety and care should be taken if dealing with an online course.

How old must you be to obtain a white card?

One must be at least 14 years of age to complete training for a construction induction card.

What types of job titles require a white card?

A white card is required for all constructed-related job titles, including brick layers, lift mechanics, cabinet makers, plumbers, carpenters, scaffolders, concreters, tillers, electricians, welders, engineers, drives and more.

Does a white card ever expire?

A white card technically never expires. However, workers are advised to keep current on all occupational healthy and safety requirements.

Must one go through training again if one loses a white card?

One need only contact the original training provider to get another white card issued if one loses his or her card.

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