Motor Accident Commission (SA)

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Motor Accident Commission (SA)

Motor Accident Commission (MAC)

The Motor Accident Commission (MAC) is an Australian statutory insurer that provides compulsory third-party (CTP) insurance services in Western Australia. According to MAC, it doles out over $360 million every year in benefits.

What Is South Australia’s CTP Insurance?

CTP is a mandatory insurance policy in South Australia, meaning drivers found operating a vehicle without a policy can face extraordinarily heavy penalties. Residents pay for their CTP premium when they register their car. The Motor Accident Commission, which handles the entire South Australian CTP scheme, manages the pool premium and uses it to dole out compensation to injured parties.

What CTP insurance does is provide compensation to injured parties when the driver or owner of a registered vehicle is the one at fault. However, there are some limitations to its coverage:

  • It does not provide coverage if the injured person did something that contributed to his or her injury, e.g., refused to wear a seatbelt.
  • It does not provide any form of coverage to the driver, assuming he or she is completely at fault and nobody else can be blamed.
  • It does not provide any form of coverage for damaged vehicles. Other forms of insurance are required for that, and the MAC does not cover these forms of insurance.

Below is a list of those conditions that are covered:

  • It provides coverage to injuries sustained by pedestrians, passengers, cyclists and others affected by the accident.
  • It provides limited coverage to the driver if the driver is not fully at fault.
  • It provides compensation for medical expenses like doctor bills and nursing care.
  • It provides lump sum compensation for economic loss. The exact sum is based on Injury Scale Values.

One thing to keep in mind is that the Motor Accident Commission reserves the right to reduce coverage due to things like the following — the presence of alcohol and/or drugs; the lack of seatbelt use; the lack of safety helmets (for affected cyclists), etc.

The third-party insurance entity known as Allianz Australia Limited handles all claims on behalf of the Motor Accident Commission. This means that injured individuals must contact Allianz to start a claim. Note also that claimants who want to claim some type of economic loss must have their injuries measured against Injury Scale Values.

What Are Injury Scale Values?

Injuries sustained by vehicle accident victims are compared against an Injury Scale Values table. This lets the Motor Accident Commission measure injuries on a scale ranging from 0 to 100. Keep in mind that this comparison is not needed for claimants trying be compensated for medical expenses. It is however necessary for economic loss, i.e., someone who loses the capability to work anymore. Also, when the injured party suffers multiple injuries, his or her final compensation is determined by the more dominant injury.

There is also another tool known as the Guide to the Evaluation of Psychiatric Impairment for Clinicians. It is used to measure injuries when injured parties claim some form of psychological injury.

Useful MAC Tools

The website for the Motor Accident Commission is loaded with several useful tools and pages that might be worth reviewing:

Crash Resources
This very useful page contains a slew of crash resources, including forms (injury claim forms, fatality claim forms, etc.), FAQs and instructions on how to make a claim.

Compensation Resources
This page provides compensation resources. You can access an Injury Scale Values table and find out more information about recovering lost income.

Research Statistics
This page is useful for individuals needing research statistics on those claims that go through Allianz and the Motor Accident Commission.

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