Motor Accidents Authority (NSW)

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Motor Accidents Authority (NSW)

Motor Accidents Authority (MAA)

The Motor Accidents Authority is an Australian statutory corporation that regulates the privately underwritten New South Wales (NSW) compulsory third party (CTP) personal injury insurance scheme.

What Is The NSW Scheme?

The New South Wales scheme regulated by the Motor Accidents Authority is a no-fault scheme based on the Motor Accidents Compensation Act of 1999. It basically specifies that a New South Wales resident injured in a motor vehicle accident caused due to another driver’s negligence is entitled to compensation. It provides the makeup for all liability-based insurance concerns pertaining to residents of New South Wales.

This compensation includes the following:

  • Current/Future Medical Expenses
  • Current/Future Rehabilitation Costs
  • Current/Future Treatment Costs
  • Domestic Assistant Fees
  • Non-Economic Loss Compensation

This scheme also includes a Nominal Defendant scheme. This sub scheme provides compensation when the negligent driver is either unidentified or possesses no insurance. This scheme also requires that every New South Wales resident obtain a Green Slip from a licensed CTP insurer before he or she registers his or her vehicle.

What Is A Green Slip?

A Green Slip is nothing more than an insurance policy that is linked to an individual’s vehicle and covers all CTP personal injury insurance. It is equivalent to the American notion of liability insurance.

It covers drivers, passengers, pedestrians and motor cyclists in the entire country of Australia. This means that it would apply even if a New South Wales caused an accident in Queensland. Keep in mind that it does not cover property and vehicle damage. Also, only residents of New South Wales can obtain it.

What Is A CTP Insurer?

A CTP insurer is an insurance provider licensed by the Motor Accidents Authority. It is the corporation that distributes Green Slips to the residents of New South Wales.

There are currently seven licensed insurers in New South Wales, including NRMA, QBE, Allianz, CIC-Allianz, Zurich, AAMI and GIO.

What Does The Motor Accidents Authority Do Exactly?

The primary task the Motor Accidents Authority does is license private insurers to offer CTP green slips. The MAA also engages in a variety of other notable tasks:

  • It handles all injury prevention initiatives.
  • It regulates the NSW scheme.
  • It regulates CTP insurers.
  • It informs associated stakeholders about the scheme.
  • It informs the general public about the scheme.
  • It handles all claim assessments.
  • It promotes positive health outcomes.

While completing these tasks, the MAA works with numerous parties and clients, including motor vehicle owners, licensed CTP insurers, medical professionals, hospitals, lawyers, police officers and government officials.

Useful MAA Tools

The Motor Accidents Authority website hosts a variety of very useful tools, some of which have been included below for your convenience:

Green Slip Calculator
The Green Slip Calculator on the MAA website lets you obtain a Green Slip price estimate by answering some basic questions about yourself, your location and your vehicle. It covers the most common types of vehicles, as well as the most common types of potential accidents and circumstances.

Green Slip Price Guide Zones
The price for Green Slips tends to coincide with certain postal areas. Using the Green Slip Price Guide Zones tool, you can determine which zone applies to you.

Claim Forms

This section of the site includes all the forms you need to get started:

  • Accident Notification Form: This form is for providing notification of an injury.
  • Personal Injury Claim Form: This is the official form for initiating a claim.
  • Compensation To Relatives Form: This form is for relatives of someone who died in a motor vehicle accident that occurred in New South Wales.

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