Motor Accidents Insurance Board (TAS)

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Motor Accidents Insurance Board (TAS)

Motor Accidents Insurance Board (MAIB)

The Motor Accidents Insurance Board is a statutory corporation that operates Tasmania’s compulsory third party (CTP) insurance scheme. It is also the sole entity that provides CTP insurance in Tasmania.

What Is Tasmania’s CTP Insurance Scheme?

Tasmania’s CTP insurance scheme provides “no-fault” compensation to the victims of motor vehicle accidents. This means that even motorists who acted in negligence are entitled to compensation, unless of course they purposefully set themselves up to be harmed. The entire scheme is based on the Motor Accidents (Liabilities and Compensation) Act of 1973.

Below is a more comprehensive list of all the benefits offered:

  • The costs associated with the services of medical professionals.
  • The costs associated with ambulance transportation.
  • The costs associated with hospital treatment.
  • The costs associated with making up lost income.
  • The costs associated with funeral expenses.

These benefits are funded through the CTP insurance premium pool. Whenever a vehicle is registered, the owner must pay a premium. This premium is then added onto the owner’s annual registration renewal fee. If the owner fails to keep up on payments and then gets injured in an accident, his or her compensation can be denied.

Note that unregistered vehicles can also be insured in Tasmania.

Such an arrangement can be made through any local Service Tasmania shop.

The Motor Accidents Insurance Board especially recommends getting the following types of off-road vehicles insured: ride-on lawn mowers, farm tractors, agricultural farm bikes, log skidders, earth-moving equipment and forklift trucks.

Furthermore, the premiums are fixed on based on the type of vehicle being registered or used. As an example, a motor car registered primary for transporting passengers has a required annual premium of $338.00 as of 2013.

Who Can Receive Compensation?

Residents of Tasmania are eligible for compensation if either the accident occurs in Tasmania or the accident occurs outside of Tasmania AND the vehicle involved was registered in Tasmania. The same applies to non-residents — the accident must occur in Tasmania or the vehicle involved must be registered in Tasmania.

However, there are some notable exceptions where the eligibility is nullified:

  • If the claim can be made in another state or territory.
  • If the injuries are suffered during a vehicle race.
  • If the injured person is believed to have caused personal injury to himself or herself.
  • If the injured party is the owner and he or she has not been paying his or her premium.

If the MAIB finds that someone who filed a claim is ineligible, they will reject the claim. After that, the individual may, if desired, file an appeal with the Motor Accidents Compensation Tribunal (MACT). Winning the appeal requires providing that the determination of ineligibility was made based on false information.

Useful MAIB Tools

Below is a list of useful tools and Web pages on the Motor Accidents Insurance Board website:

Premium Schedules
The Premium Schedules page contains PDFs that themselves list the premiums and vehicle classifications for years 2013, 2009, 2006, 2004, etc.

The Forms page lists all the forms offered by the Motor Accidents Insurance Board. Notice that the first form is the Notice of Accident. This form must be submitted whenever someone lodges a claim. This form provides the MAIB with key info about the crash — when it occurred, where it occurred, how it occurred, who was involved, etc. This makes it easier for the MAIB to verify information if more people file claims for the same accident.

Frequently Asked Questions
This comprehensive FAQ covers all aspects of the services offered by the Motor Accidents Insurance Board.

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