The TAC Claims Process Broken Down

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The TAC Claim Process Broken Down

What is the TAC?

The TAC (Transport Accident Commission) in Melbourne handles all personal liability concerns related to road mishaps in the State of Victoria.

The TAC covers all accidents involving buses, motorcycles, trains, trams and cars.

All State of Victoria residents can apply for payments through TAC claims if they become injured, regardless of whether they were motorcyclists, passengers, pedestrians or even cyclists.

Interstate Eligibility for Claims

Residents of Victoria who wind up in an interstate travel accident involving a vehicle that was registered in Victoria are also eligible for TAC claims. Likewise, non-Victoria residents who sustain injury while riding alone as a passenger in a vehicle that was registered in Victoria are also eligible.

Collect Information

You as someone attempting to make claims through the TAC must first start by collecting information regarding the incident:

  • Where did the accident occur?
  • What injuries were sustained during the accident?
  • How exactly did the accident occur?
  • What vehicles were involved? Year? Make? Model?
  • Were there any witnesses? Names? Contact information?
  • Were there any police officers involved? Names? Badge numbers?
  • What are your financials details? What work do you do?

It is must to have all this information readily available before you contact the TAC.

Contact TAC

To officially file the claim, you must contact a TAC employee at 1300-654-329. The representative will take down every iota of information about the accident and then mail you a Claim for Compensation Summary. You must review this document and ensure that all the information contained within it is correct for the claim process to continue.


You must then wait days to week for the claim to be processed and either accepted or rejected. The time it will take depends on several factors, including how quickly you filed the claim and how many other claims are currently on backlog.

Fill Out Forms

If your claim gets approved, you must then fill out two more forms. You must first fill out a General Authority to Release Information form. This form authorises TAC representatives to contact those health professionals who will be treating you.

The second form is a Medical Certificate. You will be responsible for taking this to your healthcare professional and having him or her fill it out and submit it to TAC. It is very important you fill out this form because it pertains to several key aspects of your case: the types of injuries you sustained and the amount of money lost as per the injuries.

The information from both these forms will help the TAC determine your entitlements/claims.

Obtain Claims Number

You then receive an official claim number. Furthermore, you can begin treatment, though you should speak directly with TAC before you start any form of treatment. This must be done to confirm that your claim provides for said treatment. Not every claim will cover every form of treatment, which is why everything must be ran through the TAC.

Arrange Payment

In most cases, payment issues will be handled directly between service providers and TAC. However, if for whatever reason you wind up paying for a service yourself, make sure you keep the receipt and submit it to TAC for processing.

For travel, housekeeping/childcare and pharmacy related expenses, please use the attached forms.

Additional Claims Information

Make sure you never lose your claim number. It is extremely important and must be safeguarded.

Act quickly. You only get a full year to file any claims after the accident occurs.

Likewise, you get only two years to claim payment on any treatment or service you receive.

Keep TAC informed of any life changes, such as a decision to move to a new location.

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