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WorkCover Corporation of South Austraila

WorkCover Corporation of South Austraila

WorkCover Corporation of South Australia (WorkCoverSA) is a statutory authority in South Australia that manages the South Australian Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Scheme, and that also promotes safety in the workplace.

What Is The South Australian Workers Rehabilitation And Compensation Scheme?

This scheme is a workers compensation insurance policy based on the Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Act of 1986. This insurance policy entitles workers to compensation in case they suffer an injury at the workplace. Furthermore, workers are eligible regardless of their status — full-time, part-time, casual, etc.

This compensation applies if the injury is sustained while the employee is completing the duties of his or her job. It’s also applicable if work conditions somehow contributed to a psychological disease or illness. Furthermore, the compensation is usually offered in one or more of several ways:

  • As weekly payments.
  • As medical bill payment.
  • As lump-sum compensation.
  • As rehabilitation services.
  • As return-to-work services.

Sometimes it takes agents a long time to determine the eligibility of a claim. If the claims process goes beyond seven days, the worker is entitled to start receiving “provisional” weekly payments for a period of 13 weeks. However, if the claim is rejected, the employee can be made to repay the funds to WorkCoverSA.

WorkCoverSA funds the scheme by charging South Australia’s employers a premium. Furthermore, it raises additional money by investing some of the premiums it collects. Note that the premium dollar value depends on several factors, including the following:

  • The size of the business.
  • The amount of wages paid to employees.
  • The number of past claims made against the employer.

Another thing to keep in mind is that all WorkCover claims are handled by third parties, namely Employers Mutual SA and Gallagher Bassett Services Workers Compensation SA.

What Types Of Workplace Measures Are Promoted By WorkCoverSA?

WorkCover Corporation of South Australia mandates that all employers oblige by certain health, safety and welfare guidelines. They must offer a safe and healthy working environment, as well as adequate facilities and adequate training.

Furthermore, WorkCoverSA requires that employers follow certain steps if and when an employee suffers an on-the-job injury. Some of these steps are included below:

  • The employer must secure the environment where the injury occurred.
  • The employer must secure the injured employee’s health.
  • The employer must seek medical services if required.
  • The employer must notify WorkCover SA if hospitalization is required.

WorkCoverSA also enforces safety by maintaining strict employer and employee compliance standards. For instance, employers cannot enter into a non-formal agreement to avoid claim obligations. Likewise, employees cannot be compensated if they refuse medical services and treatment.

Below is a more detailed list of those requirements imposed on employers:

  • They must pay their premiums on time.
  • They must keep WorkCoverSA advised of employee wages.
  • They must inform WorkCoverSA of all employee injuries.
  • They must pay two weeks of income maintenance to injured employees.

Useful WorkCoverSA Tools

Included below is a brief but useful list of resources that can be found on the website for the WorkCover Corporation of South Australia:

Premium Information
The Premium page contains a bevy of useful resources for employers. These include an overview of the calculation system and estimated industry rates.

Worker Information
The Worker page is designed for employees and includes claim forms, as well as guidebooks on what to do if injured while on the job. It also hosts tips for recovering from a workplace injury.

Frequently Asked Questions
The FAQs page contains a slew of helpful resources concerning all services offered by WorkForceSA — premium calculation, labour hire, compensation, renumeration and more.

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