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WorkCover Queensland

WorkCover Qld

WorkCover Queensland is a statutory corporation in Queensland that operates the state’s workers’ compensation insurance scheme.

What Is Queensland’s Workplace Compensation Insurance Scheme?

Based on the Workers Compensation and Rehabilitation Act of 2003, this insurance scheme is a compulsory one that all employers in Queensland must possess. In fact, each employer has five days from the time he or she commences employment to sign up for this insurance scheme. Failing to sign up places the employer at risk of huge penalties and fines.

The policy provides coverage and compensation for a variety of injuries:

  • Physical Injuries
  • Psychological Stress
  • Latent Onset Injuries
  • Aggravation Of Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Death

These injuries are covered so long as they are sustained while completing work, while traveling to/from work or while taking a break. The plan even covers at-home employees, assuming the injury occurs while the employee is completing something relevant to his or her position. Furthermore, the compensation is provided for by WorkCover Queensland, and there zero caps or limits on the number of claims that can be made against the employer.

The types of compensation available to employees include lost wages, hospital costs, rehabilitation costs, lump sum payments and death benefits.

The policy also mandates that employers engage in a variety of activities:

  • Employers must sign up for a policy and pay the premium.
  • Employers must renew and maintain their policy as required.
  • Some employers (depending on quantity of wages) must hire a rehabilitation and return-to-work coordinator.
  • Some employers (depending on quantity of wages) must maintain comprehensive workplace safety and rehabilitation procedures.

The latter two are geared for employers who operate fairly large businesses.

Likewise, workers must follow some rules themselves. As an example, workers are required to cooperate with both their employer and WorkCover Queensland. Workers must do the following:

  • Workers cannot lie about their condition.
  • Workers must keep WorkCover informed about changes in their condition.
  • Workers must participate in all required treatment and rehabilitation.
  • Workers must make a genuine attempt to return to work.

What Other Services Does WorkCover Qld Offer?

WorkCover Queensland also operates a few additional insurance schemes, including a self-insurance scheme, a household worker insurance scheme and a workplace personal injury insurance scheme.

Self-Insurance Scheme
Self-insurance is an alternative to the traditional workers compensation program. With self-insurance, the employers themselves manage claims and pay out compensation.

Household Worker Insurance Scheme
This insurance scheme is for individuals who employ a household worker like a maid or whatnot. It protects the individual from any injuries the household worker might experience.

Workplace Personal Injury Insurance Scheme
This is a self-insurance scheme for workers who for whatever reason might not be protected by Queensland’s traditional workers compensation scheme. Note that there are many types of ‘workers’ not covered by the traditional scheme, including directors, trustees, partners, professional sportspeople and many, many others.

Useful WorkCover Queensland Tools

Below is a list of useful resources that can be found on the website for WorkCover Queensland:

List Of Workers
This page provides a comprehensive view of those types of employees defined as workers, i.e., those covered by the traditional workers compensation scheme. Those employees who do not fit into the workers category are those who might want to invest in personal injury insurance.

Applications Page
This page allows employers and employees alike to review the insurance policies available through WorkCover Queensland and then sign up for one.

Premium Calculation
This page offers employers tools and tips for calculating their expected premiums. Note that this is just a guide page and that getting an actual quote requires signing up for a policy.

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