WorkSafe (Vic)

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WorkSafe (Vic)

WorkSafe Victoria

WorkSafe Victoria is a statutory corporation in Victoria that regulates workplace health, safety and welfare concerns. More importantly, it operates Victoria’s official workers compensation program, which by the way all employers are required to pursue.

WorkSafe Victoria’s Workers Compensation Program

This is an insurance scheme that provides financial- and health-related support to employees who are injured on the job. It applies to the following types of workers:

  • Who works full-time, part-time and casual.
  • Who works under some contract of service.
  • Who works under a work experience arrangement.
  • Who works through a labour agency.

The exact types of compensation offered include ambulance transport, hospitalization, paramedical treatment, attendant care and weekly payments. Lump sum payments are also available in some scenarios.

This insurance is funded by payments made by employers. Each employer pays a premium based on the amount of average wages he or she doles out annually. Each employer is also mandated to follow the following safety regulations and rules:

  • The employer must maintain a safe work environment.
  • The employer must use safe handling techniques for hazardous materials.
  • The employer must keep emergency equipment available.
  • The employer must offer workers adequate facilities.
  • The employer must offer adequate training and instruction.
  • The employer must monitor workers’ health.

These compliance regulations are maintained through random inspections, during which the following occurs:

  • The inspector provides meaningful advice about how the business can better comply with health and safety laws.
  • The inspector identifies any safety breaches and provides instructions on how the business can rectify the error.
  • The inspector conducts interviews, takes photos and issues official instructions regarding any notable safety breaches.

Employers are also responsible for helping injured workers return to work. This includes offering an injured worker up to 52 weeks of alternative work within the business, assuming the injured worker cannot carry out the duties of his or her previous position.

Workers themselves are also mandated to follow certain rules. For instance, they have within 30 days to inform an employer of an injury. A more detailed review of the rules they must follow is offered below.

What Type Of Compensation Is Provided?

The compensation scheme is based on the Workplace Injury Rehabilitation and Compensation Act of 2013.

It covers the following types of compensation:

  • Compensation for a disease.
  • Compensation for a mental illness.
  • Compensation for medical bills.
  • Compensation for occupational rehabilitation.
  • Weekly Payments
  • Lump Sum Payments

Mind you, for the worker to receive these forms of compensation, he or she must take advantage of all available medical and occupational resources. The worker must also participate in professional assessments and make a legitimate effort to return to work. Failure to comply with regulations like these can cause the worker to be denied any and all forms of compensation for his or her injury.

Useful WorkSafe Victoria Tools

The website for WorkSafe Victoria includes several key pages worth checking out:

Forms And Publications
The Forms page links to all important forms, including applications for weekly payments, employer injury claim reports and more. The page also offers downloadable guides and training books.

Claims Manual
The claims manual provides a comprehensive overview of the WorkSafe scheme and everything included in it — entitlements, claims management, employer obligations, etc. It is a topnotch resource for those looking to better understand how the process works.

Insurance Premiums
This particular page includes a variety of resources for calculating ones insurance premium. Doing this requires determining average remuneration, figuring out industry classification and taking into consideration other factors like caps.

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