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Since 1972, Brydens has been providing compensation law services to members of the community. With offices in Sydney, Blacktown and Cabramatta, Brydens is a large law firm that has a staff of over 30 different lawyers and legal professionals.


The firm specializes in motor vehicle claims, medical claims, public place incidents, TPD and/or superannuation claims, and ComCare claims.

The firm has over forty years of experience and will take time to meet with an individual prior to taking on a case. The Brydens law firm also provides legal advice in other areas of the law such as wills, property disputes, family and criminal law. Obtaining a lawyer for a case in these fields is necessary as well because oftentimes strong emotions can come into play especially when suing a close family member or friend. A lawyer will not only help you gain greater rewards but will help eliminate any stress during the process.

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For further information on Brydens you can visit or to get in touch you can call them at 1800 848 848 or stop by the office at Suite 316, Level 3, 185 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, NSW 2000.

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