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Commins Hendriks Solicitors is a major law firm in the Riverina area of Southern New South Wales, and has been established since 1991 following the merger of two long-standing and respected law firms dating back to 1902. The law firm has regional offices in Coolamon, Junee, Henty, Ganmain, and Tumut. The largest and main office is in Wagga Wagga to serve both city and counsel clients. Commins Hendriks employs 25 professional staff members, which includes Accredited Specialists, Senior Legal Practitioners, Law Clerks and Paralegals.

Specialty Areas

The law firm specializes in: medical treatment, employment law, general liability, professional liability, motor vehicle law, superannuation disability benefits. No matter the case at hand, lawyers are needed when there is an issue that involves the legal system. Lawyers are able to provide extensive knowledge on the matters at hand and are also able to provide order and stability. Any time that the law is involved it can cause one to exude many emotions, which sometimes may cause one to act irrationally. Lawyers are helpful because they are able to look at a case with an objective perspective. Failure to use a lawyer cannot only be stressful for the individual but it can also result in a loss of a reward or settlement.

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In order to find additional information on this firm you can visit You can also call them at 1800 643 779 or visit the primary office at 23 Gurwood Street, Wagga Wagga, NSW 2650.

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