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The De Silva Hebron Law firm was established in 1994 by the founding partners Crowe Hardy and Greves Crewick. The firm serves the NT region with an office in Darwin.

The office is one of the fastest growing and most efficient offices in Darwin comprising of a team of over ten professionals who hold the titles of Lawyers, Solicitors, Conveyancers, Graduate Clerks and Support Staff.

Firm’s Specialties

The main area that the firm specializes in is Motor Accident Compensation. The office also is able to provide services in Commercial and Civil Litigation, Personal Injury Law, Wills and Estates and Property Law. The law office provides free consultations to clients who are interested in potentially perusing legal action. If you have been in an accident it is really imperative that you find a lawyer who specializes in Motor Accidents. Especially if you are hurt, you need someone who will know how to protect you from the party who caused the accident.

How to Contact

To find out further information on De Silva Hebron you can visit You can also call the law firm directly at (08) 8924 4944 or visit the office in Darwin at 47 Knuckey Street, Darwin, NT 0800.

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