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A small boutique law firm, Duddy Shopov was founded in 1999 and practices from offices in the heart of the legal precinct in Victoria Square in Adelaide. The firm currently employs a staff of 10 legal professionals with 5 lawyers and 5 support staff.


The law firm of Duddy Shopov specializes in: Workers Compensation, Personal Injury, and Work Health & Safety.

The lawyers of the firm make the most of opportunities to expand their knowledge base and continue their legal education, regularly attending professional development seminars and events to ensure they remain abreast of all significant developments in their relevant fields. The law firm will meet with clients prior to taking on a case in order to make sure there is enough evidence in order to ensure a victory. Lawyers are particularly needed to defend an injured person because they are able to ease the stress and pain of a difficult time. After an injury a person has enough to worry about with regards to his or her health. Lawyers can take care of the rest.

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To find additional information on Duddy Shopov you can visit http://www.duddyshopov.com.au/. You can also give them a call at (08) 8110 5555 or visit the one and only office at Level 5, 195 Victoria Square, Adelaide, SA 5000.

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