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Firths – The Compensation Lawyers was established in 1993 as one of the first specialist legal firms in Australia dedicated to representing innocent victims.

The firm was founded by Stephen P. Firth who is still very much involved in the everyday operations of the firm. The law firm is an accredited specialist in personal injury law and has a staff of more than 10 lawyers and legal professionals. The law firm specifically serves citizens who reside in Sydney.


Firths Law Firm was one of the first firms to offer a no win-no pay arrangement and lump sum fixed quotes. The firm still offers this service and also will meet with individuals prior to taking on a case at no cost. Firths Law Firm specializes in fighting cases dealing with workplace rights, motor vehicle claims, income protection and professional negligence. Using a lawyer when hurt by another is beneficial because they can advise on the best way to go about suing so that the individual can receive the greatest damages.

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To find additional information about Firths you can visit and to get in touch with the firm you can call them at 1800 631 888 or visit the main office at The Chambers, Level 6, 370 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000.

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