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The Galbally & O-Bryan law firm was founded in 1935 by John Galbally and later brought on Peter Galbally who was John’s brother. In 1965 Frank Galbally went into partnership with Peter O’Bryan to form what exists today. Since the merger, the firm has continued to grow and progress. The firm currently has offices in Melbourne, Pakenham, and Dandenong. There are approximately 20 different lawyers and legal professionals who work across all of the three branches.


The main areas that Galbally & O-Bryan specializes in are: Car Accident Claim, Transport Accident Claims (TAC), Work Accident Claim (Workcover), Medical Negligence, Product and Public Liability Claims, Superannuation, Insurance Disability Claims, Commonwealth Employees Compensation Claims (ComCare). The firm also provides a no win, no fee policy, which makes the services more affordable for the everyday individual. Using the services of a lawyer when injured can be extremely helpful since it will help you cope with your injury as the legal professional deals with the law.

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For additional information on this law firm you can visit them online at You can also call them at (03) 9200 2533 or visit the office at 259 William Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000.

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