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A large law firm in Australia, Gerard Malouf and Partners has a total of 21 offices throughout Sydney and NSW including major centers in Parramatta, Liverpool, Blacktown, Campbelltown, Wollongong and Newcasle. The law firm also can visit NSW clients by appointment and can make home calls should the individual be unable to visit one of the offices. With over 25 lawyers and legal professionals, Gerard Malouf and Partners are compensation lawyers and accredited specialists.


The cases that the firm specializes in include: personal injury, medical negligence, car accident damage, dust disease and child abuse. With over 29 years of experience, Gerard Malouf and Partners provides legal advice across a range of insurance, medical, negligence and car accident areas of the law. Using a lawyer in these specific areas is a good idea because lawyers are usually the go-to experts in the field who are able to help an individual receive the greatest reward.

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To find out additional information on the firm you can visit You can also get in touch by calling 1-800-004-878 or visit the office at The Chambers, Level 1, 370 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW 2000.

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