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Andrew Hounslow founded the law firm of Hounslow & Associates in 1996. In 2002 as the Practice grew he obtained the services of Richard Lewis who had previously worked as an Associate to his father His Honor Judge Russell Lewis in the County Court. Richard is now a Senior Associate with the firm. The firm has now also employed another Solicitor, Gabrielle Feery and also employs Articled Clerks from time to time. Currently the firm has a support staff including 3 Law Clerks with over 20 years experience each.


Hounslow & Associates specializes in: Workcover, TAC, Public Liability, Occupiers Liability, Commonwealth Compensation, and Victims of Crime. The firm also provides free consultations prior to taking on a case and the firm will typically take on any case no matter how small. The services of a lawyer are especially needed if you have been the victim and need protection during the vulnerable time of your life.

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If you are interested in additional information on Hounslow & Associates you can visit http://www.hounslowlawyers.com.au. You can also call the firm directly at (03) 9642 5332 or visit the main office at Level 7, 155 Queen Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000.

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