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Serving the NT region, Jude Lawyers has an office in Darwin. Jude Lee founded Jude Lawyers in 2006 and is still very much involved in the everyday operations of the firm. Recently in a personal injury accident case before the Supreme Court involving a US tourist in the Northern Territory, Jude Lawyers successfully represented and obtained for their clients compensation of well over $1M. As a boutique law firm, the firm currently boasts a staff of over 10 individuals, all whom have experience in various areas of the law.


The main areas of the law that Jude Lawyers specializes in include Human Rights, Personal Injuries, and Workers Compensation. The law firm has competitive rates and will work with their clients in order to assess the level of service that is appropriate and fit your expectations and budget. The firm will also offer consultations at no cost in order to determine if legal action is needed.

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To find out more information on Jude Lawyers you can visit http://www.jude-lawyers.com/. You can also call the firm directly to make an appointment at (08) 8941 8229 or visit the office at Ground Floor, 9-11 Cavenagh Street, Darwin, NT 0800.

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