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Kelso’s Law Firm

Founded in 1986 by Peter Kelso, Kelso’s Law Firm provides legal services to the people of Newcastle.

The firm is spearheaded by Peter Kelso’s specialty of retrieving compensation for victims of abuse.

Peter alone has represented over 10,000 victims.

Currently Kelso’s Law Firm has a staff of about 10 people who are lawyers, solicitors or legal executives.


The key specialty areas that Kelso’s Law Firm focuses on include: bankruptcy and asset protection, conveyancing, victims support. Kelso’s Law Firm provides individuals with consultations prior to taking on a case. This can be beneficial because it provides the individual with a sense of the legal team and also provides one with an idea of how great of a chance there is that the case can be won. During times of bankruptcy, property abuse or abuse by an institution or individual one is generally at his/her most vulnerable state. As such, it is typically easy for others to take advantage. The use of a legal team and lawyer helps prevent this from happening.

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For additional information on Kelso’s Law Firm you can visit them at or get in touch with the firm by calling 1-800-650-707 or visiting the office at 671-677 Hunter Street, Newcastle West, NSW 2302.

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