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The law offices of Macrossan & Amiet has strong roots in the Queensland community. The firm’s earliest roots go back to 1895 when Fred C. MacNish, formerly Managing Clerk with a Townsville firm, set up his own legal practice in Mackay. Those first premises were shared with the Australian Stock Bank in Wood Street and the practice named Fred C MacNish. In June 1919, the Peace Treaty was signed at Versailles and many young Australians began returning home.

One of them, Bill Amiet, joined Vince Macrossan and before long the company name was changed to what it is today, Macrossan & Amiet. As the century has progressed, the firm has continued to transform and has grown to be quite the powerhouse. There are offices in Mackay as well as Whitsunday and Prosperine. Currently the firm employs over 25 different people from lawyers to clerks.


The firm has a number of legal areas where it can provide service. The main areas of specialization include: Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury, and Disability. The services of a lawyer when one is injured are really vital because they know how to go after the party that is at fault.

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To learn more about Macrossan & Amiet you can visit You can also call the firm at (07) 4944 2000 or stop by the main office in person at 55 Gordon Street, Mackay, QLD 4740.

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