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Nevin Lenne Gross (NLG)

Nevin Lenne Gross has been providing legal services in North East Victoria since 1955. The firm offers a very local and regional presence and has offices in Myrtleford, Wangaratta, Shepparton, Wodonga, Bright and Mount Beauty. The law office has a staff of over 20 different lawyers and legal representatives that will fight for your claim.

The law office can provide a number of services to the individual looking to proceed with legal action.

The key area where Nevin Lenne Gross specializes includes: Personal Injury & Compensation. The firm will provide free consultations prior to starting the legal process and for most cases will also live by the no win, no fee rule. This is done in order for the firm to properly evaluate all aspects of your claim. Using a lawyer in an instance when you are injured is very important and helpful because it helps alleviate any extra stress that may occur as a result of your injury.

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If you are interested in additional information on Nevin Lenne Gross you can visit the firm online at You can also reach out to the firm via telephone by calling (03) 5752 1255 or visiting the main office in person at 57 Clyde Street, Myrtleford, VIC 3737.

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