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Nikolovski Lawyers is a law firm that has a main office in Wollongong, Australia. A newly established law firm, Nikolovski Lawyers is building a large staff of lawyers and legal professionals, which together will combine years of experience working in the legal profession.


The firm specializes in: Compensation, Motor Vehicle Compensation, Superannuation Claims.

The law office also has a Public Notary should one require these kinds of services. Prior to taking on a case, Nikolovski Lawyers will meet for free with the client to make sure that the case is worthy of going to trial. Should a case go to trial, it is commonplace for people to bring on a lawyer or legal professional because they have the experience to deal with the legal system. Lawyers are very helpful because they are known to fight hard for their defendants, which can lead to a very good reward in the end.

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You can find some additional info by visiting You can also call the firm at (02) 4227 6833 or stop by the main office at 11-113 Crown Street, Wollongong, NSW 2500.

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