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Nowicki Carbone was established in 2000, a merger of two experienced lawyers Tony Carbone and Harry Nowicki. In 2010 the Firm restructured its partnership and saw the departure of co-founding partner Harry Nowicki.

With over a decade of proven experience, the law firm has emerged with a reputation for its excellence in personal injury law. Currently the firm staffs employees across seven offices in Victoria and an office in Adelaide.


There are a number of services that one can use Nowicki Carbone for should there be a need to pursue legal action. The firm’s specializations include: Workers Compensation, Transport Accidents, Public Liability, Medical Negligence, Superannuation & Insurance, Asbestos Claims. The law firm will take a stand for you and operates on a no win, no charge basis. Lawyers should really be consulted and heavily used after you have been involved in an unexpected incident that causes injury. Lawyers can provide a sense of stability and will fight for the greatest reward.

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To find additional information on Nowicki Carbone and the additional services that they offer you can visit You can also telephone the law firm by calling 1300 465 873 or stop by the office at 302 King St, Melbourne, VIC 3000.

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