Parramatta (NSW) Compensation Lawyers

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Compensation Law in Parramatta

Compensation means a lot to people who suffer injuries and pains because of the actions of others. Suppose for instance that an employee at Kingsley’s Chicken mops the floor but forgets to place a sign. Fifteen minutes later, you confidently step into Kingsley’s Chicken, and then, just like that, you slip and wind up twisting your ankle. These sorts of incidents occur every single day. Likewise, everyday, a myriad of negligent parties try to claim that they weren’t responsible.

Compensation Lawyers in Parramatta

Parramatta compensation lawyers take on the responsibility of proving negligence. Take the previous example. A compensation lawyer might use witness accounts and video footage to prove to a court that Kingsley’s Chicken’s employees failed to put out a sign. That would therefore make the owner of that establishment responsible for paying off your medical bills and expenses.

One thing to realize is that the compensation lawyers in Parramatta deal with a variety of compensation cases:

Each of these cases involves a situation where you suffer an injury due to somebody else’s carelessness. These types of situations are usually resolved without incidence. However, sometimes the negligent party refuses to admit guilt. Other times, the negligent party refuses to pay the quantity of entitlements you feel you deserve. This is where compensation lawyers enter the picture. It is their job to prove that the negligent party is indeed responsible.

Parramatta Compensation Law

Compensation-related cases brought up in Parramatta are dealt with in the Local Court of Parramatta. More info about this court and the types of cases it handles are included below:

Parramatta Civil Court:
12 George Street
Parramatta, NSW 2150

  • Compensation Cases: Vehicle Accidents, Public Accidents
  • Compensation Cases: Workplace Accidents, Medical Accidents
  • Compensation Cases: Defective Products, Etc.

Picking A Quality Parramatta Compensation Lawyer

It is usually recommended that you review several lawyers and firms before choosing one. The goal is to determine which lawyer would best represent your case. Some factors to keep in mind when choosing a compensation lawyer in Parramatta are included below:

  • Firm Size: Small firms give you the advantage of more prompt and personalized attention. However, large firms usually have more contacts, as well as more resources.
  • Experience Level: It usually bodes best to select a lawyer that has experience dealing with the type of compensation you need, be it workplace compensation, medical compensation, etc.
  • Initial Consultation: The way a lawyer acts during an initial consultation can tell you a lot about the individual. It is usually best to ask as many questions as possible during this initial stage.
  • Testimonials: Every quality lawyer has former clients. It might be work asking to speak with one or two of the lawyer’s former clients so as to hear a genuine testimony.