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Compensation Law in Tamworth

Have you ever heard stories about asbestos poisoning? Constructions workers sometimes unknowingly wind up working around asbestos. This in turn sometimes leads to them developing conditions like mesothelioma, asbestosis, silicosis or a number of other asbestos-related disorders. It’s unfortunate that this happens, but it does. Often, people who wind up victims like this must take the law into their own hand by hiring compensation lawyers.

What Are Compensation Lawyers

Compensation attorneys are trained to act on the behalf of people suffering from diseases, conditions or any other injury. Their goal is to use the powers of litigation to prove to a court of law that somebody else — usually a large insurance company that tries to deny culpability — is responsible for injuries sustained. The most common types of cases that require such litigation are included below:

  • Claims involving dust disease, mesothelioma, etc.
  • Claims involving car accident injury
  • Claims involving hit & run injury
  • Claims involving pedestrian injury
  • Claims involving hospital/nursing negligence
  • Claims involving professional negligence
  • Claims involving public liability
  • Claims involving product liability
  • Claims involving personal disability

There are a broad number of cases, and not all compensation lawyers deal with every type of case (more on this later). The key though is to prove negligence and then force a court official to order the negligent party to pay up. All of this can be done via the services of a Tamworth compensation lawyer.

Tamworth Compensation Court System

All compensation cases are heard in the Tamworth civil court system. More info about this court is provided below:

Corner Of Marius and Fitzroy Streets
Tamworth NSW 2340

Compensation Cases Heard: Those Up To $100,000

Cases that go beyond $100,000 must be heard in the district court at 86 Goulburn Street in Sydney.

What To Look For In Tamworth Lawyers

Compensation is very important, so choosing a reliable compensation lawyer in Tamworth is also important. With that said, below are some key factors to keen an eye open for:

  • Practice: There is simply no substitute for experience. An ideal lawyer would be one who has a considerable amount of experience winning the type of compensation you need. Note that note all compensation lawyers deal with the same types. Some also specialize in workers comp, while others deal with medical comp.
  • References: A good lawyer always has an abundance of references ready to vouch for his or her services. A lack of references means that either a lawyer is absolutely new (just graduated) or horrible at his or her job.
  • Trust Factor: This is subjective, but does the lawyer seem trustworthy during the initial consultation? Does he or she make eye contact? Use your best judgment on this one.

Getting A Compensation Lawyer In Tamworth

Getting a lawyer can be expensive, but it can also be necessary — especially when you suffer horribly because of somebody else’s mistakes and negligence. The one piece of good news is that most lawyers in Tamworth offer “no win, no fee” service for compensation cases.