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O’Halloran Legal is a law firm that provides legal services to Western Australia. The firm’s only office is located in Perth that has a small staff of about 5 lawyers and legal professionals. The firm prides itself on providing personal injury legal services focused on getting a positive result for its clients.


The areas that O’Halloran specializes in are many and include: Work Accidents, Road and Traffic Accidents, Criminal Injuries, Total and Permanent Disability, Public Liability, Product Liability, Fatal Accidents, Income Protection, Medical Negligence, Professional Negligence Claims, Workers Compensation, Insurance Claims. The firm works on a no win, no fee basis, which is beneficial for the individual seeking the claim. Using a lawyer when a person in injured or in an accident is highly recommended since the process can be quite daunting and overwhelming. Lawyers can help make the entire process much less stressful and ultimately will fight for your best interests along the way.

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For some additional information on the O’Halloran law firm you can visit http://www.ohalloranlegal.com.au. You can also call the firm directly at (08) 9328 3000 or stop by the main office at 8th Floor, 231 Adelaide Terrace, Perth, WA 6000.

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