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The largest dedicated group of specialist lawyers in Tasmania, Page Seager Lawyers has an office in Hobart.

The law firm is made up of 13 partners and approximately 50 different legal practitioners and a total staff of more than 80.

The office has a dedicated group of specialist lawyers who have a wide range of clients based locally, across Australia, and even internationally.


The law office of Page Seager provides a number of services to its clients, including: Insurance & Personal Injury. The firm has a proven track record of working with large Insurance companies after an accident or injury takes place. The firm will provide a free consultation in order to make sure that there is enough evidence to pursue a case. No case is too large or too small for the firm to take on. After an accident or injury, it is really necessary to use the service of a lawyer or legal team. They are the experts in the field and will help ease any other stress that one may be dealing with while providing support as they work towards a reward.

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To find additional information on this firm you can visit You can also call them at (03) 6235 5155 or stop by the main office at Level 2, 179 Murray St, Hobart, TAS 7000.

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