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PMN Lawyers have been in practice since 1983. The law firm has only ever worked on behalf of injured people to get them the highest possible compensation or damages. The practice has an office in Adelaide and is comprised of a staff of about 15 people who have extensive experience in helping injured people get the coverage that they need.

Everyone in the PMN office deals every day with the physical pain and emotional suffering of injured people.

The areas of specialization that the firm caters to include: Medical Negligence, Personal Injury, Public Liability, Road Accidents, Work Injuries. No case is too small or too large for the law firm and they will not charge a client until a case is won. Using the services of a lawyer when you are injured is very important because they are able to support you through a difficult time. Lawyers are also able to work hard to achieve the maximum compensation that a person is entitled to following an injury.

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To find additional information on PMN Lawyers you can visit them online at You can all pick up the phone and call them at 1800 182 148 or stop by the office at Level 5, 28-30 Grenfell Street, Adelaide, SA 5000.

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