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Priestleys Law Firm is a small firm located in Darwin, NT. The firm only has one main office and a staff of about 5 lawyers and legal assistants.


Priestleys specializes in a number of areas of the law including: Work Health, Personal Injuries, Motor Vehicle Compensation. The law office does not believe that any case is too small or too large and will take on a case as long as it can be won.

As such, Priestleys offers free consultations which allows prospective clients the opportunity to sit down with the staff from the law firm so that all parties can be on the same page. It is necessary for one to seek out the advice of a lawyer because going through the legal process alone can be daunting and somewhat overwhelming. Lawyers are there to provide insight and advise into how to deal with a particular claim or eventual lawsuit.

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For some additional information on the Priestleys Law Firm you can visit You can also call the firm directly at (08) 8941 5947 or visit the main office at 3/71 McMinn Street, Darwin, NT 0800.

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