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Compensation Law in Gold Coast

Have you ever been injured at work? If you have been injured at work, you likely winded up receiving compensation benefits from your employer. However, what happens if your employer denies fault and says that you purposefully caused the accident? Believe it or not, but this scenario occurs more frequently than people might want to admit. And when it does occur, it becomes necessary for you to hire a trained compensation lawyer.

Understanding Compensation Law

A compensation attorney is required to file a claim in a court of law. It is through an attorney that you can litigiously argue that you did not purposefully cause your accident — that your employer is therefore the one who should be held liable.

If hired, a lawyer would start by conducting an investigation. He or she might examine the scene of the accident and speak with medical practitioners. Once the lawyer prepares enough evidence, the lawyer would then present it to a courtroom judge.

If the evidence were strong enough to convince the judge, the judge would then order your employee to start making compensation payments to you.

One thing to understand is that workplace injuries make up just one type of compensation claim. There are numerous other types that can be handled via the services of a compensation lawyer:

  • Claims involving a roadway accident.
  • Claims involving asbestos exposure.
  • Claims involving medical malpractice.
  • Claims involving public safety hazards.
  • Claims involving violation of personal rights.
  • Claims involving harassment.
  • Claims involving will disputes.

The theme among all the listed claims remains the same — that you suffered an injury, but the party ultimately responsible for it refuses to admit guilt and compensate you.

Compensation Law in Gold Coast

Because the Gold Coast borders Brisbane, all compensation cases lodged in the Gold Coast must inevitably be dealt with in the Brisbane court system. There are two courts in particular to keep in mind: the Magistrates’ court and the District court:

Magistrates’ Court:
363 George Street
Brisbane, Queensland 4001

District Court:
415 George Street
Brisbane, QLD 4000

Cases usually start in the Magistrates’ court but are forwarded to the District court if they involve a compensation package worth more than $150,000.

Locating A Suitable Gold Coast Compensation Lawyer

It is important that you select a quality compensation lawyer to take on your case. The outcome will depend heavily on how well the lawyer performs. It is therefore prudent to speak with several lawyers and compare/contrast their experience, education, skills, etc. Below is a more comprehensive list of factors to keep in mind:

  • Compensation Experience: Not all lawyers are trained at dealing with compensation claims. Furthermore, not all compensation attorneys have experience dealing with all forms of compensation. Some specialize in workers compensation, while others specialize in roadway accidents.
  • Business References: It is usually advisable for you to ask the lawyer for references and client testimonials. A quality lawyer with ample experience will have no complaints about sharing these with you.
  • Legal Pricing: Last but not least, not all lawyers offer the same payment scheme. The best one for compensation cases is usually the “no win, no fee” scheme. This scheme lets you pay absolutely nothing in case the lawyer loses the case.