Mackay (Qld) Compensation Lawyers

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Compensation Law in Mackay

Compensation law was put in place in Queensland for your protection. It allows you to force a negligent person or business to pay for injuries you suffer. It covers a wide expanse of injuries, from simple broken bones to back strain, burns, anxiety disorders, respiratory conditions and even death.

More importantly, it covers any and all these conditions so long as someone else is responsible for your injury.

This law was set up because guilty parties sometimes deny responsibility. When this occurs, it becomes necessary to prove that the person or business is indeed guilty. To do this, you need the services of a competent compensation lawyer.

Compensation Lawyers In Mackay

Mackay is brimming with competent compensation attorneys. Such a lawyer is just one who has the legal training and background needed to file a legitimate comp claim. If you hire such an attorney, he or she will investigate your claim and muster up as much evidence as possible. The lawyer will then file a claim with the Mackay Magistrates’ Court. The last step is to convince the judge.

There is no guarantee of a win. If you win, however, you can get all your expenses covered. Note also that compensation law covers a variety of situations and circumstances:

It basically covers any situation where someone else could potentially be held responsible.

Compensation Claims in Mackay

Filing one of these claims in Mackay means attending court sessions at the Mackay Magistrates’ Court. More info about this particular court is included below:

Mackay Magistrates’ Court:
12 Brisbane Street
Mackay, Queensland 4740

Finding A Good Mackay Compensation Lawyer

Since there are so many lawyers in the Mackay area, it can be difficult to find a good one. The usual recommendation is that you speak with several lawyers so that you can compare them. Below is a list of some of the factors to keep in mind:

  • Biographical Background: What sort of education did the lawyer receive? How much experience does he or she have with comp claims? How familiar is the lawyer with the local Mackay civil court system?
  • Past Performances: How many clients has the lawyer represented? What is his or her win to lose ratio. Are his or her former clients willing to give speak you and provide testimonials about the lawyer’s services?
  • Local Bar: How does the local bar feel about the lawyer? Does he or she maintain a good standing with them?
  • Fee Schedule: What sort of payment options for the lawyer offer? Do these include a ‘no win, no fee’ scheme?

Making A Quick Decision

If you suffer an injury due to someone else’s negligence, it is usually wise to hire a lawyer and file a claim as soon as possible. As more time passes, it becomes harder for a lawyer to locate the evidence needed to prove your claim. This is why time is of the essence.