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Compensation Law in Townsville

Compensation law revolves around the concept of a civil wrong, i.e., a situation in which someone either accidentally or purposefully causes someone else to sustain unfair harm. You see civil wrongs around you every single day:

  • When a distracted driver crashes his car into someone else’s car.
  • When a doctor gives faulty advice to a patient.
  • When a product malfunctions and harms it user.
  • When an employer mistakenly exposes workers to asbestos.
  • When a public building employee fails to warn the public about a hazard.

These are just a select few examples out of hundreds of potential possibilities. The premise is always the same, though — someone screws up, and someone else gets hurt.

So what do you do if you happen to be the one who gets hurt? You thing you could do is hire a compensation lawyer in Townsville to win you compensation benefits.

How Compensation Lawyers Win You Benefits

A compensation benefit is simply payment for injuries sustained. If someone crashed into your car, compensation benefits might include payment for your medical payments, as well as payment for damage to your car. If you sustained injuries while lifting something at work, your compensation benefits might also include coverage for lost wages.

Below is a more comprehensive list of the types of compensation you could potentially receive if you won a compensation claim:

  • Medical Bill Payment
  • Rehabilitation Payment
  • Disability Payment
  • Lost Wages Payment
  • Death (Funeral) Payment
  • Hospital Stay Payment
  • Ambulance Transportation Payment
  • Therapy Payment
  • Etc. Etc. Etc.

To win such benefits, you must prove in a Queensland court of law that the other person is indeed liable. Doing this in turn requires hiring a trained compensation attorney to conduct research on your case, collect meaningful evidence, and then present all of this to court officials.

Filing A Claim In Townsville

Filing a compensation claim in Townsville will require a bit more than just hiring a compensation law. It will also require attending hearings in the Townsville Magistrates Court.

Magistrates’ Court Address:
31 Walker Street
Townsville, Queensland 4810

Finding A Good Townsville Lawyer

Before you rush out to hire a lawyer, do keep some of the following factors in mind:

  • Experience
  • Education
  • Temperament
  • Schedule
  • Win/Loss Ratio
  • Past Clients
  • Billing Policy

Ideally, it is best to choose a highly educated and well-trained lawyer who has enough time to dedicate to your case. It also helps if he or she has a good track record for winning compensation-related cases. Last but not least, do keep an eye out for “no win, no fee” lawyers. They offer a great benefit. You don’t have to pay anything unless the lawyer wins you the compensation benefits you deserve.

Acting Quick

If you intend to fight for benefits, make certain you get a lawyer as soon as possible. The thing about evidence is that it degrades over time. It becomes harder to find surveillance footage. It becomes more difficult to track down witnesses. Etc. Therefore, it is imperative you act quickly.