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Stacks-Goudkamp is a law firm that was originally founded in 1998 with an office in Newcastle. The firm has since grown to have additional offices in Canberra and Sydney and came to be known under its current company name in 2003. Co-founder Tom Goudkamp is the managing director who oversees a staff of over 15 lawyers and legal professionals. Stacks-Goudkamp provides its clients with a no win-no fee policy, which means that a client will only pay if the outcome of a case results in a reward.

Legal Focus Areas

With over 20 years of experience, the firm provides specialties in: motor vehicle, workplace, compensation law, superannuation, human rights. The firm will visit clients at their homes for legal consultations as needed and will also only take on a case if there is a strong chance that it will end up in a win for the client. Using a lawyer for compensation claims is necessary because typically after an unforeseen incident takes place an individual is usually shaken up which makes it hard to think clearly.

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To find additional information you can visit To speak to the law firm you can also call 1-800-25-1800 or stop into the firm’s main headquarters at Level 12, 39 Martin Place, Sydney NSW 2000.

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