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Stringer Clark Lawyers enjoys a lineage that stretches back over 100 years. However, it is only from the 1950′s that a clearer and more vivid image has emerged for the firm.

The firm started to gain traction when Austin Stringer joined the firm in 1968, which helped turn the firm into a much larger and powerful one. Today, the firm has offices in: Warrnambool, Ararat, Ballarat, Castlemaine, Cobden, Colac, Hamilton, Horsham, and Portland.

The firm has a staff of about 50 different legal professionals including lawyers and various other legal professionals. Stringer Clark Lawyers is a registered business name under the Business Names Act 1962 and is part of the RCT Group.


The areas that Stringer Clark specializes in are: WorkSafe, Road Injuries, Injuries in Public, Superannuation, and Asbestos. The firm does not require any form of payment unless a case is won. In addition, the firm’s legal team provides free consultation to prospective clients prior to taking on a case. Should one become injured, there is a strong need for a lawyer because they will be able to protect you while you are in such a vulnerable state.

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For further information on this law firm you can visit You can also call (03) 5562 5733 or visit the office at 129 Timor Steet, Warrnambool, VIC 3280.

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