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Compensation Law in Frankston

Compensation refers to the process of a person, company or insurer making amends to an injured party. It is most often thought of in the context of workplace compensation. When employees suffer an on-the-job injury, it becomes the responsibility of the employer to compensate the employee by paying his or her medical bills and whatnot. Sometimes, however, employers try to avoid making these payments.

When this happens, it becomes necessary for the employee to prove that the employer is indeed responsible. This requires arguing in a court of law, which in turn requires hiring someone trained to do exactly that.

Introducing Compensation Litigation

Compensation litigation refers to the formal processes used to prove negligence. It covers many types of scenarios:

  • Proving that an employer is responsible for an employee’s injury.
  • Proving that a doctor or surgeon made a pivotal mistake.
  • Proving that a building owner failed to maintain a safe environment.
  • Proving that a driver was not paying attention to the road.
  • Proving that an employer failed to warn employees about asbestos.
  • Proving that public hazards were not properly labeled.

There are many more examples, but the basic theme is that someone fails to do his or her job correctly. To prove this, you need to hire a compensation lawyer. It is the job of the lawyer to research the case and find the evidence needed to prove negligence. Once the lawyer proves negligence, he or she then works out a compensation settlement with all involved parties — medical practitioners, rehabilitation specialists, insurers, court officials and of course the guilty party.

Compensation Law in Frankston

All compensation cases in Frankston involving less than $100,000 in damages must be processed through the Frankston Magistrates’ Court. If your case involves more than that much money, then it must be handled in the regional court. The addresses of both are included below:

Frankston Magistrates’ Court:
15 Fletcher Road
Frankston, Victoria 3199

County Court of Victoria:
250 William Street
Melbourne, Vic 3000

Compensation Lawyers in Frankston

Several law firms operate in and around the Frankston area. However, they each deal with different types of law. Some deal with criminal cases, while others deal with civil cases. For a compensation case, you will need a law firm that deals with civil issues.

More specifically, you will need a firm that has experience dealing with your type of compensation. For instance, it would not make sense to choose a workers compensation firm if you are wanting to win medical compensation.

Another factor to keep in mind is the firm’s track record. How many cases has the firm one? How many has it lost? Are its former clients willing to offer testimonials? Things like this matter a lot!

Winning A Compensation Case in Frankston

There is no guarantee that you will win your case. It all boils down to the evidence. However, if the other party is indeed responsible and did indeed act negligent, then you already have the upper hand.