Bunbury (WA) Compensation Lawyers

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Compensation Law in Bunbury

Everybody gets injured. It occurs everyday throughout Western Australia. However, there are two primary types of injuries — those caused by our own negligence, and those caused by someone else’s negligence. If you get sick because an employer doesn’t warn you about the presence of asbestos, then the employer would be the negligent one. If you get sick because you refuse to wear a coat when working out in the cold, then you would be negligent.

It seems simple enough, until you get to those cases where somebody else is negligent, but this same person refuses to admit it. What do you do then?

Introducing Bunbury Compensation Law

You rely on compensation law! It is a special group of laws and regulations that let you basically sue someone for damages. This process is known as filing a compensation claim. If you win your claim, you get to receive what are known as compensation benefits. These benefits are nothing more than payments made to you to cover your expenses. Below is a list of expenses that would be covered under compensation law:

  • E.R. Visits
  • Prescription Medicine
  • Medical Transportation
  • Medical Care
  • Therapy
  • Rehabilitation
  • Disability
  • Death

That is by no means a comprehensive list. However, it should give you a good idea of how compensation works. You get injured, and then you seek benefits from the guilty party. The guilty party can be an individual, a business or even an insurer. The only stipulation is that you must have irrefutable evidence that shows why the other party should be held liable for your injuries.

Introducing Bunbury Courts

If you need to seek compensation from someone, you would need to deal with the Bunbury court system. In particular, you would need to deal with the Bunbury Magistrates’ court. The address of this court is included below for your convenience:

  • 3 Stephen Street,
  • Bunbury, WA 6230

Introducing Bunbury Compensation Lawyers

The next thing you would need is to hire a compensation attorney. Unfortunately, you cannot just step into a courthouse and accuse someone of being guilty. You need to go through the process formally through a trained lawyer.

With that said, it is pivotal that you choose a reliable lawyer to handle your claim. A reliable one is one who has experience dealing with compensation claims. A reliable attorney is also one who knows how to put up a good fight in court.

Your best bet for finding a good lawyer entails using the Yellow Pages to locate maybe three to six different attorneys. Then schedule a free consultation with each attorney. During the consultation, learn as much about the attorney as possible:

  • About his/her experience.
  • About his/her education.
  • About his/her wins/losses.
  • About his/her former clients.
  • About his/her skills.
  • About his/her fees.

The most important factor should of course be whether or not the lawyer has dealt with your type of case before.

Choosing To Hire A Lawyer

A compensation lawyer is not always required, but it is usually recommended. Ultimately, it comes down to this question: Are the potential compensation benefits worth spending money upfront to win them?