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Wallace Wilkinson & Webster is a progressive Tasmanian legal practice offering specialist advice in all aspects of the law. The firm has one central office in Hobart and currently employs a staff of 12 people including lawyers, associates and partners.

The wide client base includes some of Australia’s largest public companies, banks and credit unions, trade unions, community organizations and insurance companies.


The law firm provides a number of services to its clients, with its main specializations in: Medical Negligence, Workers Compensation, and Motor Accidents. No client is too small or large for Wallace Wilkinson & Webster. The typical clients range from individuals and small businesses to some of Australia’s largest public companies. As such, the firm provides free consultations for anyone who is considering using its services. Using a lawyer after a person is injured while on the job, in the care of under the care of a doctor is very important. Lawyers are able to help protect individuals who are vulnerable and they are also able to help a person through a difficult time.

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If you are interested in additional information on Wallace Wilkinson & Webster you can visit http://www.wwwlawyers.com.au. You can also call the firm at (03) 6234 8022 or stop by the firm’s office at 4 Watchorn St, Hobart, TAS 7001.

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