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With an office in Darwin, Withnalls Lawyers has been serving the people of the Northern Territory for over 20 years. The law firm has a staff of over 15 legal professionals including lawyers, clerks, and associates.


Able to handle many areas of the law, Withnalls Lawyers specializes in Accident and Injury law but can also handle Family Law, Wills & Estates and Police and Criminal Matters.

The law firm will provide hassle-free consultations with prospective clients so that the legal team can determine if legal action is needed. No case is too small or too large for Withnalls Lawyers. Using a lawyer or legal representative for an accident or injury is necessary because if someone else has hurt you, even unintentionally, you need to make sure that you have someone fighting for your best interest. Lawyers are able to do this because they have extensive knowledge on the law and know how to defend a person’s rights based on experience.

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To find additional information on Withnalls Lawyers you can visit http://www.withnalls.com/. You can also give the firm a call at (08) 8941 1896 or swing by the firm’s office at 22 Harry Chan Avenue, Darwin, NT 0800.

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