NT WorkSafe

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NT WorkSafe

Northern Territory WorkSafe

NT WorkSafe is a considered the “regulatory arm” of the Northern Territory Work Health Authority. The latter is a statutory corporation responsible for carrying out functions prescribed to it by the Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Act.

What Does NT WorkSafe Do?

NT WorkSafe is primarily responsible for regulating the workers compensation insurance scheme in the Northern Territory. Doing this includes all of the following activities:

  • It defines the key safety standards that all businesses in the Northern Territory are required by law to follow.
  • It helps businesses meet these standards by hosting periodic audits and inspections, as well as providing training material.
  • It conducts research for the purpose of enhancing the workers compensation scheme.
  • It conducts investigations on behalf of injured workers.
  • It licenses certain entities to provide insurance services to employers and employees.

NT WorkSafe also plays a big role toward the promotion of workplace health and safety. It does this by maintaining a detailed list of safety requirements that all employers must follow:

  • Employers must provide their employees with proper training.
  • Employers must ensure workers are able to complete their tasks safely.
  • Employers must maintain safe workplace equipment and technology.
  • Employers must ensure dangerous items/chemicals are dealt with safely.
  • Employers must provide adequate facilities.

The main thing employers are required to do is maintain a workers compensation insurance policy. Such a policy allows injured workers to make a claim for workers compensation benefits if they are injured. Mind you, the worker himself or herself is responsible for reporting all injuries to his or her employer and filing out and submitting the correct forms. Failure to follow the right steps could in fact cause an employee to have his or her claim denied.

Those employees who are eligible and correctly file a claim can receive all of the following types of compensation listed below:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Hospitalisation Expenses
  • Pharmaceutical Expenses
  • Some Traveling Expenses
  • Domestic Held Expenses
  • Attendant Care Expenses
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Expenses

Furthermore, employees get a total of 104 weeks to fully recover and return to work. During this period in time, the employer must keep the employee’s position open.

What Type Of Licensing Does NT Worksafe Offer?

NT Worksafe provides licensing to a variety of service providers, including medical practitioners, rehabilitation providers, insurers, registered training organization, asbestos removalists and high-risk assessors. As of 2014, there are only five organizations in the New Territory that have been approved by NT WorkSafe to provide workers compensation services:

  • Allianz Australia Insurance
  • CGU Workers Compensation
  • GIO General Ltd
  • QBE Insurance (Australia) Ltd
  • Territory Insurance Office

Note that all the types of service providers listed (practitioners, insurers, etc.) must receive approval through NT WorkSafe before they can start providing services. Furthermore, they must be willing to contend with periodic inspections and audits.

Useful NT WorkSafe Tools

The website for NT WorkSafe includes a bevy of useful resources for employees, employers and others:

Business Portal
This page is the portal to the business section. It includes access to all the information an employer might need, including rights & responsibilities, safety rules, incident reporting, dispute resolution and more.

Worker Portal
This page is similar to the previous one, except that it caters to employees. It offers information on how to stay safe at work and how to properly file a claim. It also answers many important questions regarding the claims process.

Approved Insurance Providers
This page provides contact info for the approved insurance providers in the Northern Territory. Any entity not included in the list is not allowed to offer workers compensation insurance.

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