WorkCover TAS

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WorkCover TAS

WorkCover Tasmania

WorkCover TAS is a statutory corporation in Tasmania that handles a variety of responsibilities and obligations as outlined in the Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Act of 1988 and the Work Health and Safety Act of 2012.

What Exactly Does WorkCover TAS Do?

The main thing WorkCover TAS does is regulate the workers compensation insurance scheme in the state of Tasmania. It is the one organization allowed to license those entities that want to provide workers compensation insurance. Also, it is the entity that ensures injured workers receive the following types of care and compensation:

  • Weekly payments.
  • Medical bill payments.
  • Rehabilitation fees.
  • Permanent impairment compensation.
  • Common law damages.

WorkCover TAS requires that all employers in Tasmania either sign up for an appropriate workers compensation insurance policy or apply to WorkCover for the right to self-insure against compensation claims. Failure to do either or this can cause an employer to be fined up to $65,000.

These workers compensation schemes cover any and all injuries that occur in work, unless they fall into one of the below categories:

  • The injury occurs while the employee is traveling to/from work.
  • The injury occurs while the employee is engaging in unauthorized activities.
  • The injury occurs because of the employee’s purposeful misconduct.
  • The injury is self-inflicted.

So long as the employee suffers a legitimate injury and cooperates with all medical advise, the employee will receive proper compensation.

WorkCover also regulates the injury management process. The employer, the insurer, the worker, the injury management coordinator and associated medical professionals must all follow certain rules and regulations through the process. For instance, the management coordinator must prepare an official return-to-work plan within 5 days of the worker being injured.

Does WorkCover TAS Offer Insurance Itself?

WorkCover TAS regulates the doling out of compensation insurance. It does this by identifying the organizations that are allowed to offer insurance. There are currently seven organizations that it has licensed to do just that:

  • Allianz Australia Insurance Limited
  • Catholic Church Insurances Limited
  • AAI Limited
  • Guild Insurance Limited
  • Insurance Australia Limited
  • QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited
  • Zurich Australian Insurance Limited

Employers have several options. The first option entails working directly with an insurance provider. The second option involves working with an insurance broker instead. Insurance brokers serve as middlemen between employers and the aforementioned insurance providers. The last option is for the employer to self-insure.

If the employer who chooses not to get insurance winds up with an injured worker, then the Nominal Insurer policy is used.

What Is The Nominal Insurer?

This is a body managed by WorkCover TAS that is designed to provide compensation to employees whose employers do not have insurance; cannot be located; or has gone bankrupt. The money for this fund is derived from contributions made by licensed insurers.

Useful WorkCover TAS Tools

Listed below are very useful pages on the WorkoCover TAS website:

Licensed Insurers List
The following page lists all licensed workers compensation insurers in Tasmania. It also includes relevant contact information for each insurer. This is the optimal starting point for any employer ready to sign up for workers compensation insurance.

Information Sheets
This page contains information sheets useful for employers. Especially useful is a comprehensive sheet that details what employers need to know about piecing together a suitable injury management policy.

Safety Advisors
This page speaks about safety advisors. Employers are encouraged to work with health and safety advisors. These officials are trained to help implement legitimate safety tools and plans, both of which can help reduce the number of injuries that occur in the workplace.

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