WorkCover WA

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WorkCover WA

WorkCover Western Australia

WorkCover WA is a statutory corporation in Western Australian that is responsible for handling the state’s comprehensive workers’ compensation system.

What Does WorkCover WA Do?

In managing Western Australia’s workers compensation scheme, WorkCover WA engages in the following types of activities:

  • It keeps the residents of Western Australia informed as to latest news pertaining to the workers compensation scheme.
  • It provides vocational rehabilitation and injury management for the purpose of helping injured employees return to work as soon as possible.
  • It conducts scientific research into injury prevention and rehabilitation for the purpose of enhancing its own rehabilitative efforts.
  • It regulates and monitors the actual entities that provide direct insurance services to employers and employees.
  • It offers arbitration services for those instances where a dispute occurs between an employer and an employee.

In particular, WorkCover regulates the actions of eight workers compensation insurance providers, including Allianz Australia Insurance LTD, Catholic Church Insurances LTD, AAI Limited T/AS GIO, Guild Insurance LTD, Insurance Aust. LTD, QBE Insurance Australia LTD, Wesfarmers General Insurance LTD and Zurich Australian Insurance LTD.

These are the only entities approved in Western Australia to offer such insurance to employers.

Note that employers in Western Australia are required to sign up for workers compensation insurance. In fact, WorkCover WA periodically visits workplaces to double check if a workers compensation policy is in place. Those employers who are caught without it can face fines up to $5000 per worker. The fees can rise exponentially if a worker gets injured and the employer is not adequately protected with a workers compensation scheme.

WorkCover WA also regulates health providers (general practitioners, medical specialists) and service providers (rehabilitation providers, workplace agents).

What Requirements Must Employers Follow In Western Australia?

WorkCover WA requires that all employers in W.A. establish and run an injury management system. This requires establishing clear injury management rules, obtaining suitable workers compensation insurance and assisting those employees who are injured and want to return to work.

Employers are also required to keep an injured worker’s job position open and available for a minimum of 12 months. And if the injured worker regains enough function to return to work, the employer must allow it.

What Requirements Must Employees Follow In Western Australia?

Employees themselves must follow a bevy of rules to be eligible to receive compensation. Failing to follow the following regulations can in fact cause their claim to be denied:

  • They must immediately report any injuries sustained.
  • They must file an official workers compensation form.
  • They must attend all required medical appointments.
  • They must represent themselves honestly.
  • They must participate in required rehabilitation treatment.
  • They must make reasonable attempts to return to work.

Useful WorkCover WA Tools

Below is a list of potentially useful Web pages that can be located on the website for WorkCover WA:

Insurers List
This page lists all approved insurers and self-insurers in Western Australian. These are the organizations that have been approved by WorkCover WA to provide workers compensation insurance policies and resources. Employers of Western Australia are discouraged from working with any insurance agency that is not approved by WorkCover.

Premiums Page
This page provides fundamental information on the premiums that must be paid by employers. Note that premiums are based on recommended premium notes. Keep in mind, however, that insurers themselves are allowed to discount or surcharge the recommended rate by up to 75%.

Workers Frequently Asked Questions
This page is useful for workers. It covers everything that an employee might want to know, i.e., how to file a claim, how much compensation to expect and more. It is a pivotal resource for any injured employee.

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