WorkSafe ACT

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WorkSafe ACT

WorkSafe Australian Capital Territory

WorkSafe ACT is a statutory corporation in the Australian Capital Territory that is responsible for enforcing all workplace health and safety laws. Its primary duty is to maintain the territory’s workers’ compensation scheme.

What Does WorkSafe ACT Do?

The primary function of WorkSafe ACT is to carry out the injury management and income support duties as set forth in the Workers Compensation Act of 1951. It provides many advisory functions, as well as inspectorate ones. Furthermore, it is the only entity in the Australian Capital Territory that is allowed to provide licenses to private underwriters that want to sell workers compensation insurance to employers. Entities that do not officially go through WorkSafe can be penalized severely for trying to offer such insurance to any employers.

More importantly, it monitors businesses and ensures that they abide by the following rules:

  • All businesses must take out a workers compensation policy. Failure to get a policy can lead to hefty fines.
  • All businesses must also set forth workplace health and safety policies and consult their workers about these policies.
  • All businesses have the option of hiring a health and safety representative to help them follow the rules set forth by WorkSafe ACT.
  • All businesses must manage risk by maintaining a safe work environment.
  • All businesses must report workplace injuries to WorkSafe ACT.
  • All businesses have the additional option of adopting an official Safety Management System.

WorkSafe also maintains rules for workers as well. In particular, workers must make a sincere effort to take care of their health and avoid being injured. Furthermore, those workers who are injured at work must cooperate with their employer. If they cooperate and make a valid claim, they can receive the following types of compensation: weekly benefit payments, total incapacity payments, partial incapacity payments, medical bill payments, etc.

How Does WorkSafe Regulate Workers Compensation Insurance?

WorkSafe ACT provides approval to those organizations that prove themselves capable of providing reasonable workers compensation insurance coverage. Such organizations must be able to handle all claims and be able to implement a legitimate personal injury plan for all injured employees.

Seven organizations in the Australian Capital Territory are approved to provide workers compensation insurance:

  • Allianz Insurance
  • Guild Insurance LTD
  • Catholic Church Insurances
  • QBE Insurance
  • CGU Workers Compensation
  • Zurich Financial Services
  • GIO Workers Compensation

WorkSafe also regulates workers compensation by conducting random investigations to ensure employers have a policy in place and that they are making genuine efforts to promote safety at work.

What Else Does WorkSafe ACT Do?

WorkSafe ACT also provides licensing and registrations for a variety of other activities, including high-risk work, crane/hoist work, dogging work, rigging work, forklift operation, pressure equipment work and more. Furthermore, it regulates the handling of dangerous substances like explosives, gases, flammable liquids, oxidising substances, radioactive materials and more.

Useful WorkSafe ACT Tools

Below is a brief list of some of the most important pages and tools available on the website for WorkSafe ACT:

Workers Compensation
This section of the website provides comprehensive details regarding the workers compensation scheme. It includes an earnings guide, a list of approved rehab providers and detailed info on all the relevant legislation.

Obligations & Responsibilities
This particular page lists all the obligations and responsibilities that employees, workers and other relevant parties must follow. All business owners and employees are encouraged by WorkSafe ACT to review this page in detail so they know what must be done to avoid penalties.

Healthier Work
Healthier Work is a WorkSafe ACT initiative that seeks to provide employers and employees with extra tools for remaining healthy and safe at work. The page includes a variety of useful resources for doing just that.

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