Northern Territory (NT) Compensation Lawyers

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Compensation Law in NT

The notion of compensation is important because it provides coverage in case an accident occurs. Everybody knows that accidents occur, which is why it’s usually not a crime to commit an accident.

However, compensation takes things a step further by saying that the person who caused the accident should be held responsible for the expenses the accident spawned.

If you wind up having to go to the emergency room because you eat spoiled food at a restaurant, for instance, then the restaurant owner should pay for your E.R. expenses. That’s the premise behind compensation.

Why You Need a NT Compensation Lawyer

A compensation lawyer is needed when the person or business responsible for an accident refuses to admit it. People sometimes do this because they won’t want to have to pay to compensate you.

When this happens, you must prove in a Northern Territory Magistrates’ Court that the other person caused the accident. Doing this is rather tough. You need to know compensation law. You also need to know how to formally present evidence in court. It is for reasons like this that it’s advisable to hire a compensation lawyer.

If you hire one, the lawyer will fight to win your case. If he or she is successful, then you will be compensated. The types of compensation you might receive are included below:

  • Payment for emergency room stays.
  • Payment for prescription medication.
  • Payment for occupational rehabilitation.
  • Payment for psychological counseling.
  • Payment for long-term impairment or disability.
  • Payment for surgery.

Note that compensation can also include payment for damage to a vehicle or piece of property.

Where Compensation Law Is Practiced In NT

Any and all cases pertaining to compensation law in the Northern Territory go through the Magistrates’ Court in downtown Darwin. The address for this court is included below:

Magistrates’ Court Address:
Corner of Cavenagh and Bennett Streets
Darwin, NT 0800

Why You Need To Search For A GOOD Lawyer

Proving guilt (also known as negligence) requires jumping through many hurdles. Not all attorneys are equipped to deal with these hurdles. It’s a good idea to use the ‘free consultation’ offered by all lawyers to interview several of them in the Northern Territory before choosing one. Here are some questioned worth asking:

  • Trustiness: Does the lawyer seem trustworthy? Does he/she make eye contact with you? Does he/she have reliable references who are willing to provide testimonials?
  • Fees: Does the price seem fair? Is the attorney willing to put you on a “no win, no fee” program where you pay nothing unless he/she wins the case?
  • Practice: Has the lawyer dealt with compensation cases before? How many of them did he win? How many did he lose?

Why You Need To Hire Today

Due to the fragile nature of evidence, it’s always recommended that you hire an attorney immediately after you suffer an accident. The passage of time unfortunately makes it that much harder for an attorney to track down good evidence.