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Compensation Law in Brisbane

Imagine that you are drinking comfortably at a pub when you decide to head home. While walking toward your car outside the pub, you stumble on what turns out to be a defective piece of paving stone. In doing so, you twist your ankle and must be submitted to an emergency room. All in all, you wind up accruing about $5000 in medical bills just like that!

You speak with the pub owner, but he denies liability and argues that you were at fault. However, you know in your heart that the stone you stumbled on is defective. What would you do?

Thanks to compensation law, you could hire a compensation lawyer and have him or her compel a court to force the pub owner to pay you for the expenses you incurred.

Hiring A Compensation Lawyer In Brisbane

A compensation lawyer is simply one who deals with compensation claims. Compensation claims can involve numerous scenarios besides just the one mentioned above. Take the following examples into consideration:

  • Workplace Claim: You suffer an injury while performing the normal duties required by your job.
  • Medical Claim: You suffer needlessly because a surgeon makes a pivotal mistake while operating on you.
  • Accident Claim: You suffer both physical damage and property damage because an inattentive driver rams into your car.
  • Asbestos Claim: You wind up with a chronic respiratory disease because an employer fails to protect you from asbestos exposure.

Unfortunately, claims like this are lodged every single day across Brisbane, and the people filing these claims are Brisbane compensation attorneys. Once the lawyer files a claim, he or she then prepares evidence and submits it to the court. The goal is to convince the court officials that the other party (such as the pub owner) is responsible and should therefore be forced to pay for the damages you incurred.

Handling Compensation Claims In Brisbane

Filing a compensation claim in Brisbane requires dealing with the Brisbane Magistrates’ Court. It handles all claims involving less than $150,000 in compensation damages. Larger claims must be filed in a District court instead. Below is the address to the local Brisbane court:

Brisbane Court Address:
363 George Street
Brisbane, Queensland 4001

Finding A Good Brisbane Lawyer

Finding a good lawyer can be difficult, especially since there are so many good ones in the Brisbane area. Generally, it is advisable to look up anywhere from three to six local lawyers and then speak to them individually. The goal is to learn as much about the lawyer as possible.

  • Size: How big is the firm the lawyer works for? Really big firms have access to more resources, but they also tend to be very, very busy.
  • Experience: Has the lawyer dealt with compensation law before? How many compensation cases has he or she won?
  • References: Does the lawyer have a large list of satisfied clients? Will he or she allow you to speak directly with them?
  • Fees: How much does the lawyer charge? Is this charged upfront or does he or she work on a “no win, no fee” basis?