South Australia (SA) Compensation Lawyers

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Compensation Law in SA

Some people hate taking responsibility for an error in judgment. Imagine you walk into a supermarket from a horrible, horrible rainstorm and start making your way to the aisle you want to visit. Along the way, you slip along a really greasy section of the floor and fracture your ankle in two places. Is this your fault? Actually, no it is not. It is management’s duty to ensure that there are mats and/or signs in place to protect you, the customer, from injury.

It just so happens that in this instance, management failed to provide either. Therefore, the supermarket itself is fully responsible for your injuries and must pay for them.

Unfortunately, proving this is another thing altogether.

Why Hire A Compensation Lawyer In South Australia

South Australia compensation lawyers are trained in proving negligence. Their job, given the previous example, would be to use photos, witness testimonies and camera footage to prove that management maintained an unsafe environment inside the supermarket. If they prove this, you then win compensation benefits in the form of medical bill payments, disability payments, etc. It depends on the particular claim.

It just so happens that there are many types of compensation claims. Below are some examples of situations that would require such a claim:

  • You suffer whiplash when another driver rams into your car.
  • You get knocked down by an inattentive driver as you are walking
  • You suffer an injury at work due to poor working practices.
  • You trip over an uneven slab of payment and hurt yourself.
  • You get injured while working on defective machinery at your job.
  • You become sick after eating poorly cooked food at a restaurant.
  • You sustain an injury while practicing football at your school.

Every single case involves the same thing. Somebody makes a mistake that leads to you incurring expensive injuries. It’s unfortunate that this happens, but it happens every single day throughout South Australia.

Where To Go To File A Claim

You need a lawyer to file an official compensation claim. You also need to prepare to make visits to a Magistrates’ court. There are several in South Australia, but the one in the capital city of Adelaide is listed below:

Adelaide Magistrates’ Court:
260-280 Victoria Square
Adelaide, SA 5000

How To Pick A Good SA Compensation Attorney

The most important step in the claims process is the hiring of a reliable attorney. There are quite a few attorneys in South Australia, so how do you tell them apart? Below are a few different characteristics to keep in mind:

  • Experience: Is your attorney experienced with your type of compensation case? Has he ever won a similar case before?
  • Communication: Is your lawyer a good communicator? Is he willing to take time out of his day to keep you informed about your case?
  • Availability: Does your lawyer have enough time to dedicate to your case? Or will he be busy dealing with numerous other cases?
  • References: Does your attorney have a lot of past clients? Do they have positive or negative things to say about him or her?