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Compensation Law in Adelaide

The seeking of compensation benefits revolves around the idea of seeking fair allowances for injuries suffered. Here is an example that occurs very often. You are driving defensively on the road and approaching an intersection that has a green light. You start passing through the intersection, when suddenly another driver rams into the side of your car, causing both you and your vehicle irreparable quantities of harm.

Such accidents sadly occur every single day. You are doing what you are supposed to do, but somebody else isn’t doing the same. And that somebody winds up causing you or your property harm.

Obviously, given the scenario cited, you would of course be compensated through auto insurance. However, what happens when guilt isn’t so obvious and must instead be proven in a court of law?

Why Hire An Adelaide Compensation Lawyer

Guilt isn’t always obvious. Sometimes, when guilt is not as obvious, the guilty party tries to deny responsibility. They do this because they don’t want to pay compensation to you. When this occurs, the only option becomes to hire a compensation lawyer to prove to the Adelaide Magistrates’ Court that the other party is indeed guilty.

Below are some examples where guilt might require courtroom proceedings to prove:

The common theme is that someone else causes you harm but denies responsibility. As a result, you wind up with boatloads of bills for various services (surgery, rehabilitation, prescription medications, vehicle repair, etc.). It therefore makes sense that you prove guilt so that you can be compensated.

What To Know About The Adelaide Civil Court System

All compensation claims involving something that happened in Adelaide are processed through the Adelaide Magistrates’ Court. This court is located between the 260 and 280 blocks of Victoria Square in downtown Adelaide.

What To Look For When Hiring A Compensation Lawyer

Deciding to hire a lawyer is step one. The next step is obviously to actually hire one. Before you go and do that, please do review the following tips on what to look for and avoid when dealing with lawyers.

  • Look for specialists. When dealing with compensation claims, it’s recommended that you hire a compensation specialist. General practitioners are plenty skilled, but they aren’t always as knowledgeable about compensation law as you would ideally like.
  • Keep an ear open for pragmatism. Some lawyers operate like salespeople by touting extravagant claims. Stick with those lawyers who are realistic about your case and their expectations. Remember that there is no easy win when it comes to compensation.
  • Appreciate good communication. Like people, not all lawyers are good communicators. Some make a stalwart effort to keep in touch with clients, while others barely ever send an email or make a call. It is generally better to choose one who is willing to take the time to speak with you.