Melbourne (Vic) Compensation Lawyers

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Compensation Law in Melbourne

Seeking compensation benefits requires proving that an injury or illness you sustained is ultimately somebody else’s fault. Suppose for instance you are walking down a sidewalk, minding your own business, when suddenly a driver who isn’t paying attention accidentally drives up the curb and slams into you, causing you to break a leg.

Such a scenario could really cost you!

Not only would you have to pay for expensive surgery and rehabilitation, but you would have to contend with not working for several months. It is these sort of unfortunate scenarios that require the services of qualified Melbourne compensation lawyers.

Introducing Compensation Lawyers in Melbourne

The beautiful, populous city of Melbourne houses a bevy of attorneys trained specifically to deal with compensation claims. If you hired such an attorney, it would become his or her job to prove to the local Melbourne court that the driver should be held responsible for all your payments because it was the driver’s reckless behavior that led to you becoming impaired.

Below is a brief list of other forms of legitimate compensation scenarios that would warrant hiring a lawyer:

The theme present in all these cases is that you were not at fault, so you do not deserve to have to pay for all the damages you incurred. However, proving this requires more than just pointing to someone. It requires using the tools of litigation to win over the support of a court official and claim the compensation you deserve.

Melbourne Court System

These sorts of cases are dealt with locally in the Melbourne local court.

Melbourne Local Court:
233 William Street
Melbourne, Vic 3000

The only thing to keep in mind is that this court only deals with cases involving compensation that does not exceed $100,000. The good news is that the county court can be found a few block away at 250 William Street.

Hiring a Reputable Melbourne Compensation Lawyer

Melbourne contains a lot of lawyers, so it is important to conduct some research beforehand to find the one that would fit best. Below are some tips for doing that.

  • Avoid general practitioners. Instead look for a specialist with has training dealing with compensation litigation. It would especially help if the lawyer has dealt with your particular type of compensation before, be it workers comp, medical comp, etc.
  • Be wary of extravagant claims. Lawyers who promise that you have a “slam dunk” case are usually untrustworthy. Every single case that passes through the system requires time, hard work and patience.
  • Look for good communicators. Some compensation lawyers are not necessarily that concerned with communicating with their clients. It helps to choose a lawyer that is comfortable with maintaining a constant line of communication.