Western Australia (WA) Compensation Lawyers

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Compensation Law in WA

Consider this scenario. One day, you decide to visit a nearby pub after work. While you are sitting there, minding your business and enjoying your evening, an employee decides to mop the floor. You are a bit tipsy, so you do not notice this. Here’s where things get interested. The employee fails to do as required by law and put out a ‘wet floor’ sign. Just five minutes after the employee finishes mopping, you pay your tab and start walking toward the door, only to slip and fall.

Who do you believe is responsible for paying for you to get medical treatment for that ankle? The pub owner will probably try to blame you, but according to compensation law as practiced in Western Australia, the pub owner is responsible!

The Need For A Western Australia Compensation Lawyer

When accidents or injuries like the one mentioned occur, it becomes necessary to seek the services of a reputable compensation lawyer. A comp lawyer is someone who knows how to formally submit evidence to a courtroom and then argue toward a goal. In this instance, the lawyer might use surveillance video footage and witness testimonies to prove that the employee never put out a ‘wet floor’ sign.

By proving this, the lawyer would therefore be proving that the pub owner is responsible. This would therefore require the court to compel the owner to start making compensation payments to you. The type of compensation you would receive differs based on the claim, but below is an example of some forms of compensation:

  • Comp for accrued medical bills.
  • Comp for lost wages.
  • Comp for disability / impairment.
  • Comp for rehabilitation costs.
  • Comp for hospital stay costs.
  • Comp for therapy costs.
  • Comp for funeral expenses.

You are eligible for these sorts of benefits, but only if you can prove in court that someone else should be held responsible.

The Need For Dealing With The WA Civil System

Civil cases in Western Australia can pass through one of many courts. However, the primary Magistrates’ court in the W.A. area is the Central Law Courts at 501 Hay Street in downtown Perth. However, depending on your particular location, you may be able to find a closer court.

The Need For A Good Lawyer

Lawyers are not created equal. It is therefore important that you take the time to compare/contrast several lawyers in the Western Australia area. The overall goal is to find the best lawyer for your case. To help you, we included a list of potential questions you could ask each lawyer:

  • How do you intend to approach my case?
  • Are there any non-legal options available? (always ask this)
  • Do you see any problems that might pop up during the proceedings?
  • What’s the expected timeline for my case?
  • Do you plan to work this case personally or assign it to someone else?
  • How familiar are you personally with compensation law?

The Need To Act Quickly

The last thing to keep in mind is that it’s important to hire a lawyer as quickly as possible. Evidence becomes harder to track down as time passes, and the lawyer you hire will need as much evidence as possible to win your case.