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Compensation Law in Perth

When you suffer an injury, you also suffer a loss in money. It is inevitable. If you fracture your wrist, you must pay for surgery. If you break a leg, you must pay for crutches. Etc. This is just a rule of life. However, things change drastically when you are injured because of what someone else does.

For instance, suppose a driver who isn’t paying attention to the road crashes into your car and causes you to fracture a rib.

Most people would say that the driver should be forced to pay for your injuries. However, what happens when the driver denies responsibility?

When this happens, it becomes necessary to prove to Perth court officials that the driver is responsible. Doing this requires hiring a competent attorney who is trained in the complicated intricacies of compensation law.

Hiring A Compensation Lawyer In Perth

A compensation lawyer possesses the training needed to file formal complaints in the Magistrates’ Court of Western Australia. This is the first step in seeking compensation. The next step involves arguing against the defendant (a person, a business, an insurer) using irrefutable, court-admissible evidence.

The compensation lawyers in Perth can handle a variety of compensation-related cases. Not all cases involve roadway accidents. Below is a list of the types of cases comp lawyers deal with:

There are numerous types of compensation claims that pop up. The underlying theme that connects them all is that a person, business or insurer is responsible for injuries sustained by the plaintiff, i.e., the person lodging the claim. The other theme is the fact that every single case requires the assistance of a trained compensation attorney.

Filing A Claim In Perth

All civil cases in Perth pass through the Central Law Courts. This is a centralized collection of Magistrates’ courts that are located in the Perth area.

Central Law Courts Address:
501 Hay Street
Perth, Western Australia 6000

Finding A Good Compensation Lawyer In Perth

Finding a good compensation lawyer in Perth requires more than opening up the Yellow Pages and picking a random attorney. It requires comparing several Perth lawyers based on their experience, their skills, their education and other factors like the following:

  • Lawyer Experience: This is perhaps most important. It is advised that you seek a lawyer who has experience fighting for the type of compensation you need. For instance, a lawyer trained to deal with a breach of tort might not be the best lawyer to handle a workers’ compensation claim.
  • Lawyer Personality: Believe it or not, but personality also plays a role. Some lawyers are more introverted and not into maintaining an open line of communication. It helps to choose a lawyer who personality kind of matches your own. This makes it easier to stay in stay about important case develops.
  • Lawyer Fees: Lawyers do not always charge the same rate. More experienced lawyers from larger firms usually charge more money. Some lawyers use a ‘no win, no fee’ scheme in which you pay absolutely nothing unless the attorney wins your case. These types of lawyers are preferred for comp cases.